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Mission Statement

Our dream was to create a truly elegant, all-purpose occult Discord bot. With occultism being a niche subject and few existing bots catering to our community while maintaining high quality and consistency, we recognized the demand for such a bot and embarked on the development of Zefira as a passion project. As design-oriented developers and experienced occultists, we disapprove of broken commands or inaccurate and missing information. After creating numerous unique and elaborate occult bots exclusively for our Discord server, AγαπηΘελημα, we launched Zefira as our first official public bot. In line with our values, we never charge money for anything magickal. We are dedicated to Zefira's continuous improvement and ongoing excellence as she gains popularity and admiration within the occult community.

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Project Founder

Lilith Vala Xara, an exceptionally talented and multifaceted individual, has made a lasting impression in various fields. As the visionary behind the largest esoterica Discord server on Earth, she has expertly harnessed the power of AI and Discord bot programming to facilitate active engagement with fellow occult practitioners. Her dedication to Thelema is further exemplified by her popular YouTube channel, Thelema.Tube, where she shares her wisdom and offers support to her audience.

With over three decades of unwavering commitment to Thelema, Lilith takes pride in her membership in the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and her aspirant status within the A∴A∴. Her fervor for occultism also permeates her film work, where she excels as an actress, director, and composer. Among her most distinguished achievements are Castle of Illusion (2019), Offering to Khonsu (2021), and Hymns to the Star Goddess who is Not (2022).

Lilith's accomplishments extend far beyond the realms of occultism and film, as she is also a distinguished attorney, computer programmer, writer, publisher, singer, and musician. In her leisure time, Lilith cherishes moments spent with her loved ones and seeks solace in books and nature.

Dev Team

Zefira has been created and maintained by a highly skilled team of bot developers, responsible for crafting some of the most innovative and sophisticated Discord bots ever produced. Rest assured that you can rely on its dependability, adaptability, innovative features, and comprehensive support.

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